Pharmotech SA, under the name "", distributes CBD-based products. Pharmotech SA is a Swiss Laboratory of Phyto research and his focus is research and development (R&D) on the pharmacological antibacterial and others potential applications of the active principles produced by plants, especially by the Cannabis Sativa plant. Pharmotech SA produces and offers high quality leading products cannabinoids-based as creams and oils. Our products are natural and organic. Our main goal is to ensure continuity and reproducibility of the method and quality of production. The patent we own on CBD (Cannabidiol) as antibacterial on MDR bacteria is a proof of evidence of our ability.


Pharmotech SA's strategy is focused on establishing a vertically integrated “Pharma” business model, with full traceability, building operations across all sections of the supply chain, including, but not limited to, manufacturing, development of cannabinoids based drug-products and commercialisation. Pharmotech SA supplies finished packaged and labelled product to its pharmaceutical partners for the purposes of commercial distribution and sale.

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Pharmotech Team